Jessica Imel

I am a teacher in the Ignite Professional Studies Program and previously served as a teacher in the Gateway Alternative Learning Program. I am a graduate of the Walton MBA program at the University of Arkansas spent 10 years in Corporate Finance and Strategy before becoming an educator with Bentonville Schools.

I love to connect ideas, data, and people and I am passionate about creating a quality, relevant learning experiences for students.

My work in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space stemmed from reflection questions I often ask myself. Are my classroom efforts helping students feel like they belong? Am I able to acknowledge the lives they live and value them for who they are through my lessons and activities? Research and personal experience tells me that when students feel this sense of inclusion and belonging, they become more intellectually curious, take more academic risks, and think more critically.

The core of the DEI Committee is about strengthening the diverse set of skills our profession demands and continuing to create positive learning experiences in Bentonville Schools.